About Adrenalina

Who we are

Adrenaline Consulting is a private company whose employees gained experience in renowned Polish and foreign IT companies. In our work, we combine the dynamics and flexibility of small companies with proven methods of work of large foreign corporations.

We have a strong team of business consultants and technical specialists, which allows us to quickly adapt to changing business needs.


What we are

Our methods of operation are flexible and customizable, so if the customer's requirements change we can immediately adjust to them. The scope of technical competence, project management methodology, quality and security policy management system guarantee the fulfilment of tasks to the last detail.

Adrenalina Consulting equals to:
Innovation, modern technology, training,
compliance with procedures, timeliness, quality,
fun, great atmosphere!

In dealing with the customer:

When dealing with customers, we always establish partnership relations.

We believe that openness and honesty in relations is one of the most important factors in the success of projects.

Over time, we become confidants of our customers' problems and we try together to find the right solutions.

We say a firm NO to the rigidity in dealing with customers.

We strive to be in our customers' opinion
the best IT company they have
ever worked with.

Why choose us?

Our customers primarily appreciate our strong substantial involvement in projects that we carry out. We do not just note down demands reported by our customers but we discuss them together to develop final solutions. We never adjust customers' expectations to the technology in which we work but we adjust the technology to business expectations of our customers.

Our company also has a clear and transparent procedure for the valuation of projects based on the agreed design analysis.


Our valuation is based on the actual planned workload divided into analyses, development and quality control. We do not have staffs of lawyers, traders, directors and administration that must be maintained by our projects, and therefore, our customers pay only for work on their actual needs.


In the entire history of our company there has not been a single project which would not have ended with a complete success.

  • Process deployments

  • Fortunate departments in which we implemented solutions

  • Money saved by our customers

  • Saved trees

  • Number of Cases dealt with in our solutions


What we are the best at

In Adrenalina quality comes first and this is why we win our customers' respect. We can achieve this thanks to the people we employ, quality of business analyses we perform and strict procedures for both application development process and quality control procedures of finished products. In our project we dedicate an average of 30% of the project time to the quality control.


With this approach, acceptance tests conducted by our customers do not reveal defects in products and their subsequent operation in production environments only brings benefits for our customers, instead of the unnecessary stress.

"The best IT company we have worked with"
"Excellent service and communication with the customer"
"They can be trusted with the most difficult projects"

What are our relations with each other?

In the company truly friendly relations prevail. All of our projects require the cooperation of many people. We are a good team where everyone knows his/her job but simultaneously we try to understand the challenges the others face and help meet them


Our team does not focus solely on work as we follow the principle that in a company one should feel good and have a good time. We have a company program for the employee of the month so that every month we can have fun on the town and at the same time appreciate the people with the best achievements. Additionally, twice a year we go on incentive trips where we have a great time and develop our team skills.